LED light therapy facial treatment at our Coulsdon beauty salon.

The facial all the celebs are having is here!

One of the best things about using LED light therapy is that there are zero negative effects to anyone, it works well for all skin types!

A lot of creams contain chemicals that may help with one skin condition will aggravate another, especially if you have sensitive skin.

LED facial therapy uses light alone so it is kind to skin.

Treat wrinkles, scars, acne, rosacea and sun damage, all in one mask!

The Mask emits three different colours; red, green or blue. Wondering how a light can make a difference to your skin? Here’s a quick guide to the science behind it.

Red Light

Red light reaches a depth of 10mm into your skin which is deep enough to create extra cellular energy in your skin cells to stimulate the fibroblast cells in order to create natural collagen in your body.

As you age the collagen in your skin begins to break down and it can lose up to 80% of its thickness, this is why lines and wrinkles begin to appear.

The mask counteracts the loss of collagen to reduce the prominence of wrinkles and gives you naturally firmer, plumper, and smoother looking skin.

The red light also accelerates your skin’s healing process by increasing circulation and lymph node activity. Your body can then flush out dead and damaged cells more quickly. This combined with the increase in collagen production improves the healing and appearance of scars.

Blue Light

Blue light therapy has been scientifically proven to target and kill the germs and bacteria that cause acne and blemishes, reducing the appearance of breakouts.

It is also able to reduce the production of sebum and sweat so greasy and shiny skin will be a thing of the past!

Blue light will prevent more spots from forming while improving the clarity, texture, and smoothness of your skin.

If you have suffered from severe acne in the past the red light will also be useful for you as well as it will improve the acne scars.

Green Light

Green light therapy is incredibly soothing and will help to ease any flare ups. It reduces redness, decreases the appearance of blood vessels and soothes itching and burning that are often associated with rosacea.

No more covering your rosacea in make-up, green light will give you a clear, comfortable complexion.

As well as using the lights individually to treat skin problems such as wrinkles, acne and rosacea you can use combination treatments. Use all three colours of your the mask to soothe and heal sun damaged skin.

By using a combination of red, blue and green light you will help your skin to build new healthy cells.

You’ll see a reduction in wrinkles and age spots that reverses the damage the sun has done over the years.


Per Treatmnet | £65

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